It’s no secret that when we can touch, feel, and interact with something we remember it better. It’s the feeling you get when a particular smell conjures up a childhood memory, or the feel of a particular throw blanket reminds you of a particular person. As humans, we are tactile creatures who are built to interact with the world around us.

The same goes for websites, and while we can’t really touch or smell a website (yet; I’m sure that technology isn’t too far away), it’s important for your website to have some elements your users can interact with that will leave an impression on them.

Professor of Communications and co-director of the Media Effects Research Laboratory at Penn State University, S. Shyam Sundar, said in a 2016 study of how interaction influenced a user’s memory on a website, people who browsed a site had better recall of information presented by interactive tools but remembered less about the content presented in sections where there were no such tools.

People are more likely to remember the information on your website that is presented in a fun and interactive way. This is the crux of why it is so important for your website to have elements such as sliding images, drop-down/accordion menus, or other moving parts that your website users will remember.

Following from this, it is important to ensure your interactive web-tools are placed in a strategic way to ensure navigation of your website is easy and natural for the user.

There is little point having amazing scrolling, spinning or sliding functions on your site if they just get in the way of your clients trying to navigate their way through your website. These considerations also should take into account access points to your site, how your web-tools and content retain readers, how people are likely to use your website and so on.

All these rules and considerations of how people are likely to access and use your website can be really overwhelming, trust me, I was lost when I first started building websites. But, over time, I have found what works and what doesn’t and now put my experience towards helping others.

You can check out all the interactive elements Flux Digital offers on our websites here to get a better idea of how these tools work together to build an amazing website or get in contact with me here to discuss us working side by side yo build you an amazing website!

Until next time

Brenda Foley xox