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The Ultimate List of Online Tools

By December 15, 2016 No Comments

Who doesn’t love a good tool …

I am a geek and proud of it! Part of being a geek in the digital marketing industry is that you get so excited about new apps, websites and tools that can help you streamline your business and make you more efficient.

We have downloaded, trialled and deleted more tools than we can count, and we feel confident that we have a narrowed it down to the best tools to share exclusively with you, our awesome members.

Well until the next new app comes out tomorrow that we will probably try. But don’t worry, we will keep this list up to date when we find more cool tools to share.

So here is what is in the Flux Digital Entrepreneurial Tool Kit

Project Management / Productivity


asanaAn amazing productivity tool: Asana is a to do list, task organiser, calendar, team centralizer and communication central platform. Or as Asana says, “It is a shared task list for your team – the best way to communicate, organise and track your work”. Asana can help you and your team remain collectively focused to ensure that goals and milestones are being met. And the best bit … it’s free!


breezeWe love this project management tool: is a project management tool based on tile/board/list system. It makes managing projects easy by letting you see everything in one place. Simple and effective boards where you can store all your tasks and visualize every step of your workflow. The best bits that we love is that you can track time for each task individually, assign team members to tasks and even allow guests to view your boards and you can view your tasks in a calendar view plus sync tasks with your own calendar system. It does cost to use it but it is worth every cent.

Social Media Automation


bufferA social media sharing and scheduling tool that works brilliantly with Feedly. Between the 2 tools your social media is covered. Start up is free with limited profiles and can be upgraded depending on how much extra umph you need.


HOOTSUITE-ICONHootsuite is another fantastic social media sharing and automation tool. It is similar to Buffer, however it looks and feels quite different so it will be a personal preference as to which one you prefer. They both automate the distribution of your message to multiple platforms, give you analytics and much more.

Domain & Hosting

Domain Registration – Crazy Domains

CRAZY-DOMAINS-ICONCrazy Domains is Australia’s leading domain provider offering domain registration services at reasonable prices. Domain registration is offered across a variety of national and international domain names suitable to your needs, and free with all domain purchases are management tools, domain parking and  domain transfer. 

You can watch our tutorial on Registering Your Domain.

Hosting – HostGator

HOSTGATOR-ICONHostGator is one of the world’s leading web hosting service providers offering affordable and easy plans. All three plans feature unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth and come with a 45 day money back guarantee, as well as a variety of free features including website templates and building tools, website and domain transfer, and much more.

Watch our tutorial on Setting Up Your Hosting.



elanceIf you need to outsource a task, then Elance is the go to website. Featuring a community of over 3 million freelancers, you can post jobs, browse freelancers, and control and manage your jobs via the site. Elance will also manage the communication, document storage and payments for you. So hiring people to help you in your business has never been easier.


Fiverr is the perfect place to find someone to do the simple and little things, like animating logos, doing some copywriting, resizing images, virtual assistance help and much more. It is cheap, with ‘gig’s starting from $5, but remember you get what you pay for so if you find someone to do a logo for $5, don’t expect it to be super flash.

Cloud Storage


dropboxBecause we work with so many clients and team members, storing and sharing documents is made easy with Dropbox. It is cloud storage that you can’t live without, and depending on how much storage space you need it can even be free.

Google Drive

If you are a google fan then storing your stuff in Google Drive is for you. You can get access to your files anywhere through secure cloud storage and file backup for your photos, videos, files and more with Google Drive. We use if for all our client file sharing and storage.

Google Goodies

Google Analytics

google-analyticsAn obvious one but one many businesses know nothing about. If you don’t have Google Analytics on your site, how on earth are you meant to know how well it is performing. It allows you to measure your website statistics, conversions, ROI, social media traffic and so much more. It’s free so you would be silly not to take advantage.

Google URL Shortener

google-url-shortenerThis nifty little site makes your long and ugly links … well … littler. And if you are logged into your Google Account it stores the statistics on how many clicks the links have received. You guessed it – it’s free.

Random Extras


chromeAlthough technically it is a browser, it is worth a big shout out because we are in love with the ability to have Multiple User Profiles in Chrome. We have a profile set up for each of our businesses or personas and just switch between them which stops us having to log out of our Gmail and other specific tools each time we want to work on another client or business. And it’s totally free. This link will take you to Chrome personal settings to manage multiple users.


WistiaWistia is a great tool for your online videos because of its customisation and extensive analytical tools. It allows you to customise your videos to perfectly match your brand, track engagement of your audience, and provides in-depth statistics. Plus your videos won’t feature any ads!


EVERNOTE-ICONThis tool is like an online filing cabinet for everything you want to save, read, view, use or share later on. You can save website links, recipes, videos, clippings of articles, practically anything you find or want to make note of. Use it on the go and the data will sync with all your devices. The uses for your personal life and business are endless.

IFTTT (If This Then That)

IFTT-ICONAs their catch phrase says, ‘Put the Internet to work for you!’ This tool allows you to create connections between channels by setting rules, or ‘recipes’ as they call them, so that “If THIS happens THEN do THAT for me”. For example, if I get an email with a particular subject line, forward it to a colleague. Or if I upload a photo on Instagram, auto save it to Dropbox. Pure genius!


imovieWe are Mac users so to edit videos we use iMovie. It’s so easy to add an introduction and a final end section to training videos using this program, and it comes inlcluded with your Mac products. For PC users you can use Windows Movie Maker.

iPhone & iPad

appleJust sayin’ … they are just essential tools for anyone … or is it just Apple lovers?


jingThis little gem is a screencasting tool that allows us to record our screen for training videos or instructional tutorials. It is easy to use and you can either save the videos to your computer or upload them to the cloud and share the link with those who need to watch the video without having to download it. It’s free if you don’t need much cloud storage space, or you can buy space if you need. The only down side is videos can only be 5 minutes long. Well it stops you waffling by limiting the time recording so we guess that’s a good thing.


skypeAn oldie but one we can’t live without. Skype allows us to chat online with our team who are in different countries, share screen with our clients to do training sessions, and gossip with our friends in New York… Free to communicate with other Skype users and you can buy credits to call non Skype numbers.


spotifyCan you class cool tunes as a business tool … hmm … we think so. If you want to listen to some music whilst you work, streaming via Spotify is the best; it learns what you like, you can follow others, make playlists and have access to continuous music. You can have a free trial and then it is roughly $12 per month.

Themes – Theme Forest

THEME-FOREST-ICONTheme Forest is a company that we personally use and love. With thousands of themes to choose from you are sure to find the perfect WordPress theme to suit your business.

These tools are by no means the only tools in the marketplace and we are sure there are better, nicer, and cooler ones to use. They are just the ones that rock our world and make it easier to run our business with. If you want to share your favourite tool, join the Flux Facebook Group and let us know.