This video resonated with me so much that I just had to share it.
Amazing time lapse artwork too.

I hope you find it as inspiring and motivational as I did.

My rough interpretation of the video from Big Hearted Business
goes like this …..

Big Hearted Business teaches creative people about business.
And Business People about creativity in ways that make sense.

Todays Inspiration Bomb is brought to you by Kemi Nekvapil

Kemi is a speaker, presenter and coach. She is also a raw food presenter & chef, mother, wife, organic garder and flower thief.

She learnt from a fantastic coach called Jack Canfield about having Preparation Days & Successful Days:

Monday = Preparation Day
Tuesday = Successful Day
Wednesday = Preparation Day
Thursday = Successful Day
Friday = Inspiration Days or Doing Whatever You Want!

Preparation days are spent at home at the computer preparing to make sure you have really creative days on the successful days.
Successful days are the highly creative days.

It’s important to take time out on the Inspirational Days, look into the world and see what touches you, what moves you. Otherwise you will find it hard to bring back a viable product or idea that moves you and can be shared with others. We would end up churning out the same thing again and again, become stagnant and not inspired and then no one else around us will be inspired.

TIP: Take Time Out and do it un-apologetically!

Women need to concentrate time and energy into keeping their own cups full so that when we are giving, it is with a sense of generosity, joy and contribution. If our cup is empty we will end up feeling resentment and anger.

Women also struggle with the “weight thing”, focusing on that 5 kilos you want to loose. We spend so much money, time and energy in trying to loose that 5 kilos, but in reality the world (and men) don’t care that we might be 5 kilos over weight. Don’t fall into the “On Monday it will all be different and I will eat well … on Monday” mentality. Raise yourself up, take your energy away from this. If you are waiting to be perfect before you share your gift with the world, you will never end up sharing it.

TIP: There is NO SUCH THING as Perfect!

Be conscious of who you listen to: read inspirational stories, biographies of successful people, motivational videos. Or do what inspires you most, like going into the kitchen or garden or spending time with children like Kemi does. Don’t do what you think you SHOULD do as it won’t turn out the way you want it to.

TIP: Look at WHY you are doing WHAT you are doing – and WHO is it for?

More people are suffering from depression and anxiety now days then ever before and food is a powerful factor in how we feel. Good food should taste great, give you amazing energy and helps you to feel at your best.

Inspirational and Motivational

If you feel lively then you are clearer and you start to make different choices and who you are in the world becomes very different.

There is a lot of un-fulfilment on the planet and so many people are doing things they think they SHOULD do for security or because of other peoples opinions. Should is a very disempowering word. One of the most powerful things a woman can do is get to the point where you don’t care what anyone else thinks, it is a journey and may take many years to get there. Because when you get to that point you actually start to become free and you can do what it is you truly want to do.

TIP: If you do what YOU want to do, you step into the person YOU want to be, which is the person the world wanted YOU to be anyway.

It is more important to do what you love than it is to do what you think people want you to do. People are fearful of embracing what it is you want to do – so many of our actions come from fear.

Trust that when you are doing great things and when you are passionate, that energies and the universe will align to help provide you with your desires.

WATCH: Finding Joe

What are your money stories?
What is your feeling and concept of money? Good vs. Evil?
If you change your money mindset, see it as an energy like anything else that we need to have in this world.
It’s really important for creative people to be paid their value, work out your value and make sure you charge it.

One of Kemi’s favourite sayings:

Gives Me
Gives Me

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Kemi’s WHY is to Empower Women to Love Themselves

TIP: Remember WHY you do WHAT you do!