Awesome Social Media Campaigns

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One of the best things about digital marketing and social media is that it enables businesses so many different opportunities to reach and connect with their customers. Here at Flux we love finding awesome social media campaigns that are creative, insanely clever, and just downright freakin’ cool. So we thought we would share with you three awesome campaigns played out across the social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

A1 Sauce Facebook Campaign

Definitely one of the funniest, and effective, marketing campaigns we have seen! A1 Sauce had been long associated as a sauce primarily used with steak. The brand wanted to change this perception by showing that A1 sauce wasn’t just to compliment steak, but various other foods including salmon, pork, corn, bacon and more.

Why it worked:

  • They made it relatable and familiar to their audience by using Facebook as an actual example in the ad and to promote their campaign
  • By uploading the video to YouTube, the ad was easily sharable across various platforms

Take a look at how the brand brilliantly used Facebook to change their markets perception of A1 as a sauce for all foods with their A1 Sauce: New Friend Requests video ad. 

Subway #JanuANY Twitter Campaign

This year during Subway’s “JanuANY” promotion, where customers could buy any footlong sub for $5, the sandwich giants decided to try something different in an effort to better connect and engage with their customers. So Subway created animated GIFs as a response to those who tweeted the hashtag #JanuANY on Twitter. Awesome!

Why it worked:

  • Twitter is a widely popular social media platform known for its consistent use of hashtags to categorise and identify keywords and phrases
  • They made it personal and memorable by their real-time response of an animated GIF to those who used the hashtag on Twitter
  • GIFs were also shareable across various social media platforms

Take a look at some of their GIF responses here!

Dorito’s Crash the Super Bowl YouTube Campaign

Starting back in 2006, the ‘Crash the Super Bowl’ contest invites consumers to create a 30 second commercial for Doritos, with the winning ad being played during the Super Bowl AND the winner receiving a bunch of other goodies (including cash and the opportunity to work on a film set!).

Why it worked:

  • Using YouTube made video submissions easily shareable across social media platforms
  • Creating and using the #crashthesuperbowl enabled contestants to more easily showcase their submissions for the purpose of attracting votes
  • Enabling anyone to vote for the video submission which they believed was the best ensured that a majority of consumers actually liked the advertisement
  • By trusting the consumer to create their advertising content, the company believed they were giving freedom to their audience to choose something THEY love, and as a result they would take care not to tarnish
  • By giving consumers this fantastic opportunity they are proving their foremost commitment to their consumers
  • The Super Bowl – one of the most watched sporting events in the world, need we say more?

Check out submissions for the 2015 Superbowl on their YouTube channel! (Warning: You will most likely get hooked for a good half an hour to an hour watching  these videos – I know I did!), or you can even search the hashtag #crashthesuperbowl on Twitter.