Workshop Your Social Media

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One of the reasons we came up with the idea for Flux Digital was because of the social media workshops that we used to run for small businesses. They absolutely loved the interactivity, intense learning, immediate implementing, plus the sense of achievement they felt from really making a difference in their business as a direct result of what they learnt.

However, it was not scalable as you can only teach so many people in one room at a time. Plus, it is a lot of work to manage continual events and it was just not a viable for us as a long term option.

Hence the concept of the online training was born!

What we did was take the key strategies and best bits of the workshop and recreated it all online for you. You now get to “Workshop” your business’s social media yourself, following our proven course structure.

Some of the important factors to learn and understand when implementing a social media marketing strategy are:

  • Who is your target market
  • What is your persona
  • What is your elevator pitch
  • Which platforms should you use
  • How do you optimise Facebook
  • How do you engage properly on Facebook
  • What topic ideas will work for your business
  • Where will you get your content from
  • How do you create a social media planner
  • How do you automate the sharing process
  • How will you know if it is working

Now you get to cover all these topics with our easy to follow video based lessons!


The below video is a snapshot of one of our social media workshop’s in Brisbane, with an assortment of small business owners all armed with laptops, curious minds and eagerness to navigate their way through the Social Media Pandoras box.

It was so much fun working with such a diverse range of businesses, which included a wedding stylist, jewellery designer, florist, photographer and property developer just to name a few.

Here’s what some of our fabulous attendees thought of the day …

Paula and Krista were great! The content for this course has been thoroughly planned and the material presented flowed really well from start to finish. It was definitely worth taking a full day out from my small business to invest the time to learn how to maximise my Facebook marketing strategy. With a bit of planning and a clear direction it doesn’t have to be difficult. Kelly

Paula and Krista are true professionals and gurus in the digital marketing space! Great workshop with lots of new social media tips and tricks and great to brainstorm ideas with the group. Thanks for a very fun and informative day! Would not hesitate to highly recommend your services to other individuals/businesses. Jodie

DMHQ provided a relaxed, informative and highly interactive workshop on social media that has helped me take that first step into using Facebook. Both Paula and Krista brought their own social media expertise into the workshop which complemented each other and provided top notch and complete instruction, helpful hints and tips and relevant information for each attendee to use. Whilst it was a group workshop, everyone was able to get individual attention and help in creating their own business social media. I’m glad that I attended the workshop and now feel confident to tackle Facebook. Thank you so much Paula and Krista!  Sarah

I loved every part of this course. Krista and Paula were wonderful and extremely resourceful. The biggest advantage of this course is the hands on experience, it is a very powerful tool and gave some much more clarity about all my insecurity of social media. Looking forward to attending some more of your courses. Thank you so much both of you, definitely something I would recommend to others. Maryna

Highly recommend this course, well structured and very well presented in a relaxed environment. I gained so much more as it was interactive by using our laptops and being able to update live, this allowed me to understand it more. Michelle