Copy is a very important part of creating a website, but the time and effort it takes to write good quality, relevant and SEO optimised copy is always underestimated. It is vital that you prepare copy for all of your website pages. This blog will provide you with a few useful tips to help you start preparing your website copy!

When preparing your copy, we recommend that you write the copy as separate word documents for each page. This will help make it easier to transfer across to the website when you are building it. Also, can be a great opportunity to proofread it and possibly have another pair of eyeballs read it.

We also suggest writing the copy naturally and simply first time around, just write it like you were talking to someone, explaining what you do and what the benefit is for them, then I would go back through the copy and tweak it based on the SEO keyword research that you do. If you do it the other way around and write the copy based on the keyword research, I find that it doesn’t read as well and is a bit clunky and not natural sounding. Adding in SEO keywords are important but at the end of the day, your website is for your audience and not Google so it needs to make sense to your potential customers.

Some tips for writing good copy is:


  • Do your research and know who your target audience is
  • Understand what they want and explain how you solve their problems
  • Show how your service or product is better than others out there
  • Don’t talk about you and what you offer, talk about WIIFM from the customers perspective (what’s in it for me)
  • Use compelling headlines and titles
  • Include testimonials or customer quotes
  • Keep your copy clean and concise, people scan and sometimes only ready the headings so don’t waste your copy on long paragraphs that aren’t going to be read
  • Let them know what to do, make your call to actions clear and easy to understand
  • Include SEO but don’t go overboard
  • Look at what your competition is doing, not to copy them but to figure out how to do it better and set yourself apart
  • Check out super inspiring people who are kicking butt in your space, what are they doing and how can you incorporate some of their ideas into your copy

Elevator PitchBelow are the areas of your website that you should consider writing copy for:


  • Homepage
  • About page
  • Contact page
  • Services pages – To explain what you do and the services you offer
  • Landing pages – You may want to have a ‘sales’ or landing page for certain products or services
  • Newsletter sign up offer
  • Product descriptions – If you are selling products via an eCommerce platform like WooCommerce
  • Blog – We suggest loading at least 4 pre-written blogs for launch
  • Portfolio page – To showcase your previous work or success stories

If writing copy scares you and you need a hand or you want to learn how to do it yourself from an expert. I highly recommend working with a copywriter. Flux works closely with Mel from Flair Copy, who is a professional copywriter. Below is a selection of Mel’s relevant blogs that I recommend you read through when creating your website copy.

Mel is one of the resident experts in the Flux Facebook Group so you can join the group (if you haven’t already) and ask her any copywriting questions you may have.

Here are Mel’s top copywriting blog resources for you:

Copywriting Tips:

Website pages needed:

High-converting web copy:

Web page formatting:

If you have already written your copy and would like a professional copywriter to review what you have written, Mel offers a copy audit process, which I have personally done and highly recommend. Having my copy looked at is one of those things that was on my ‘to do’ list for ages, when I finally did the skype audit with Mel, I wrote down pages of tips and then afterwards it took me a couple of hours to implement those changes, and now I am so much happier with the copy on my website.

Get a 1-hour website copy audit from Mel at Flair Copy

We hope this information has helped to get you started on your Website journey.

If you are thinking about or in the process of creating a website and are not sure where to start, I have created a FREE Website Preparation Course specifically for YOU, which will take you through everything from choosing a theme, preparing images, using Photoshop, where to get good stock images, branding, website copy and more. It will mean the difference between a SO SO and a SENSATIONAL website!