You have probably heard the term ‘elevator pitch’ before. Generally, this phrase refers to the fluent summary of your product, service or company that you can deliver in 60 seconds or less.

In the online world that 60 seconds takes the form of the very short blurb that every social media platform displays in the profile. It’s a summary of who you are and what you have to offer.

You are probably wondering how to use an elevator speech in social media? or maybe you are just after a few good pointer on improving your digital elevator pitch. Either way, we will cover how to nail your pitch.

Creating an elevator pitch should be the absolute starting point for creating a good brand. If you met somebody new in an elevator and you had 60 seconds to explain what your business is all about and what it can do for potential customers, what would you say? It’s really important to nail it because it’s the first thing that people see after your profile name and it’s going to influence whether or not somebody wants to find out more about you or not. It’s like selling the click, you need to be able to sell them to want to find out more about you.

When you’re creating an elevator pitch, you are going to need a short version and a long version. Some platforms restrict you to 140 characters (like Twitter) and some allow you more room to explain what you’re about. For example, Facebook allows you about 150 characters in the short blurb area and that’s visible directly below your timeline, but if you click on the about, which is in the same area, it’s going to take you to a bigger section that allows you to describe your page more fully. That means that for Facebook we’re going to use the short and the long version.

Tips for Creating Your Social Media Elevator Pitch:


1. What are you offering in you social media elevator pitch?

Make sure you talk about the benefits of what you’re going to give your customer. Why do they want to find out more about your business? People are only ever interested in what’s in it for them. Let them know why your product or service is really important to them. Don’t sell your business or the product features sell them why. For example, sell them the hole, not the drill!

2. Do your SEO keyword research and use the words on social media

It’s also a really good idea to do some keyword research around what your business is offering or providing so that you can incorporate those keywords into your pitch. Keywords are words that people are typing into Google to find your business or service. Ensure you are using the SEO keyword research in your social media profile descriptions as they appear in Google and other search engines (social media posts do not need to be SEO).

3. If possible, include a link to a landing page/website

If you have space in your social media bio section, include a link to your website or landing page. This isn’t always necessary for Facebook and Instagram as they offer the option to enter your website in your about section separate from your description. Youtube it is always good to enter in a link to your website in the description.

4. Make every word count

Create both a short and long version to cater for different social media platforms. Read it a few times and make friends and family read it too! Ensure that you have concisely summarised all the benefits you have to offer and make sure there is no ‘fluff’ or errors.

5. Keep it up to date!!!

Schedule into your calendar every few months to review your social media accounts. Update the SEO keywords based on research and ensure everything is still relevant to the business.There is nothing worse than a profile that has had no social media love in years. It looks out of date and can impact your online business presence.

This is a really simple exercise but make sure you take the time to ensure that your pitch is actually short, sharp, to the point and talks about the benefits of what you’re going to give your customer. Follow these simple tips and you will have click worthy brand in not time.

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