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The New Facebook Business Page Layout

By June 9, 2014 16 Comments

Facebook has been rolling out the new Facebook page layout for a few months now. We’re giving the clean new design our thumbs up, however there are a few things you might need to update to make sure that your page is optimised for the new look.

Facebook Cover Image
Although the profile image and cover image sizes are the same, there has been a re-positioning of the page name and the “Like”, “Follow” and “Share” buttons. They are now layered over the top of the cover image and may need you to re-think particular elements of your cover image.

Below: The old Facebook Page cover image had the page name and “Like”, “Follow” and “Share” buttons under the cover photo.

Old Facebook Cover Layout

Old Facebook Cover Layout

Below: New Facebook Page cover image has these elements layered over your cover photo. It now also displays the category of your business, eg: Company, Brand, Local Business etc.

The NEW Facebook Page Cover Image

The NEW Facebook Page Cover Image

Positioning of Business Info in the left hand column
Featured information about your business and page is now displayed in the left hand column. You can manage the sections in the left hand column and re-order them. Depending on the type of page you have, the featured information includes page likes, about info, apps, recent photos, recent posts by others, maps, videos, phone numbers, business hours and your website address. For example if you are a local business, you can  show your location, business hours, phone number and a map, however other page types show different information. This makes it even more important to make sure your page is set up as the correct category. You can change your category by going to Settings > Page Info.

Apps were under the Facebook Page cover image in the old page layout. Facebook Page Apps are now featured in the left hand column. It seems that you can only display three apps and any others can be found under the ‘More’ link so you might want to think about which three you want featured.

The new facebook page layout
About Section
Ensure you add your website in the Page Info section of your Settings as it’s now featured in the left hand column under ‘About’. Your website address should now be added to the section specifically for Website.

Graphics for Posts
When you upload a graphic to your page, it will appear differently on your own wall to how it appears in your fans newsfeed depending on the proportions of the image. To make sure that the graphic is optimised for your fans newsfeed, Facebook now recommends the dimensions be a ratio of 4:5. If you are creating a graphic template to use, using this ratio will make sure it’s optimised to fill the most space in your fans newsfeed.

If you were to use a ration of 1:1 eg: a square, it would appear on your own timeline like this:

However in your fans newsfeed, it would look like this, not reaching the full width of the space allocated.


If you use the 4:5 Ratio, your image will look like this in your fan’s newsfeed: The size we used for the graphic below was 540 x 432 px.


Highlighted Posts
Highlighting a post no longer makes it bigger. In the old Facebook page layout, it would make the post span the entire width of the page (taking up both columns), see below:

The 'Old' highlighted post would span across both columns in the timeline.

A highlighted Facebook post now has bookmark icon in the top right hand corner and the post stays in the right hand column only.

The New Facebook Page Layout
So to make sure your Facebook page is fully optimised, your ‘to do’ list is…

  • Check how your cover image now appears and make sure that the new placement isn’t covering any important info.
  • Check that you’re happy with the featured business info in the left hand column of your page.
  • Make sure you’re happy with the three Apps that are now featured.
  • Delete your website address if it’s currently in your ‘About’ text and go to  Settings > Page info and add it to the Website section.
  • Check to see how your Facebook page’s photos or graphics are appearing in your own newsfeed. Make sure the size is optimised.
  • Make sure the featured image in your blog has a ratio of 1.91 to 1.