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The Best Free Stock Image Websites

By September 14, 2016 No Comments

While you may be an Instagram pro…. the skill, time and resources it takes to produce professional photographs is something that many of us are unable to do.

So if you are on a budget and can’t afford to pay a photographer, stock image websites are a great resource.

In saying that it can be hard out there to find affordable, high quality images. Lucky for you, we have searched the internet to find you the best high resolution images that are available to you for FREE!

Check out our top free stock image websites we love to use.


Although Canva is not what you would immediately think of when searching for traditional stock image sites, however, it is a free way to create some kick arse images, just choose one of their many amazing templates, upload an image or choose one of their paid ones (mostly $1 each), edit the font and colours and you are done. They even take it a step further and offer a design school for those who want to use this tool for a complete business brand overhaul.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 12.03.08 pm

The Stocks

This is an aggregation site that compiles a lot of different stock image sites into one search portal. You simply click on one of the sites listed on the left and the search bar and options for that site will come up on the right. This saves you going into each of the individual sites to search for images. Although you do still need to do an individual search, per portal via this site.


Death to the Stock Photo

This site offers free monthly images if you sign up to the newsletter (well worth it) and if you want to get access to all of their images instantly you can sign up for a premium account. However, we hang onto the monthly free images and when it comes time to use an image for a blog or stories, we often find what we are looking for in our free image stockpile from these guys. The images also have some more business related photos (but still with that cool edge) which is great for those industries that the more creative images don’t work for.

Learning small


Is a free stock photo site that compiles the best images from other sites, hence, their tag line “Best free images in one place”. So for example they take images from some of the below-listed sites and combine them into the one portal for free images. Worth bookmarking when you are searching for that perfect image to go with your blog, website or marketing material.


Foodie’s Feed

This one is specifically for Foodie’s or those needing food related images. They say they are a resource of free realistic food images in high resolution and free digital goods related to food and they have 300.000+ downloads, which is pretty cool. So if you have to write an article that is food related or for a “Foodie website, this is the place to come.



A decent collection of free photos can be found at PicJumbo, it is a site that is funded by ads so you need to be cool with that. They have a wide range of categories to search by, from business, fashion, sunlight to technology and they do tend to have a fair few food related images.



A creative collection of urban and rural landscapes, close-up shots of objects and breathtaking nature scenes. Their stunning mix of high-resolution images continues to grow as they upload 10 new free high-resolution photos every day 10 days. Their Creative Commons Zero license means their images can be used, copied, modified and distributed for free, for personal and commercial purposes, without having to ask for permission or provide attribution to the photographer or website.



Albumarium’s massive collection mainly features images of nature, animals and people. What’s great about this site is that you can search particular subjects or themes via their extensive list of albums. In terms of licensing, it can get a little confusing if you are not too sure what the different licenses mean. There are a bunch that feature a ‘No Rights Reserved’ license, meaning you are free to share, change and use those particular images for commercial and non-commercial purposes. However there are some restrictive licenses which we recommend you look up the Creative Commons Licenses to see how they can be used.



Definitely one of the more quirky and random collections we’ve come across, Gratisography is perfect if you are looking for an image that really stands out from the norm! New high resolution images are added to the site weekly. Having the Creative Commons Zero license like Unsplash means you have free reign to do and use as you please.


Life Of Pix

A lengthy collection of urban scenes, close-ups and landscapes, time will fly when scrolling through the pages of Life Of Pix. Photographs are added weekly by the Leeroy Advertising Agency based in Montreal. With no copywright restrictions you are free to copy, modify and distribute their images for free, for both personal and commercial purposes, without having to ask for permission or provide attribution.


Little Visuals

Rustic, earthy, dreamy and intriguing are the best words to describe the mix of images on Little Visuals. Subscribe to get 7 high-resolution images sent to your email every 7 days. Like Life of Pix, there are no copyright restrictions so you can do and use those images however you like.

Little Visuals



Creative Market

If you have followed me for awhile you may already know about my love of creative market for website elements and graphics at a super reasonable price. Well they also sell stock photography that can sometimes be a little different, just click on the link and choose ‘photos’ in the navigation. And at around $5-$30 per photo they are way cheaper than some of the ‘big’ paid stock photography sites. So even though it is not free, I still think it is worth checking it out.



If you are thinking about or in the process of creating a website and are not sure where to start, I have created a FREE Website Preparation Course specifically for YOU, which will take you through everything from choosing a theme, preparing images, using photoshop, where to get good stock images, branding, website copy and more. It will mean the difference between a SO SO and a SENSATIONAL website!