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Social Media Trend | Micro Video Content

By March 3, 2015 No Comments

Have you noticed the increased amount of short videos that now appear through your Facebook and Instagram newsfeeds? This trend is known as Micro Video Content and it is taking the social media world by storm!

The trend started showing up in early 2014, and we must admit it was a bit annoying at first. Without warning videos seemed to be taking off mid-scroll through our social networks, sometimes taking with it our data usage (that damn autoplay!). But today these micro videos have integrated themselves as part of the social media norm.

According to Facebook, people across the world are now posting 75% more videos to the social network than they did a year ago. Instagram is also starting to see an increase in video content with approximately 88% of brands having shared at least one video. Even Snapchat, which was first seen as a simple app for image/video sharing amongst friends, is now considered a powerful and creative marketing tool to reach your audience.

So not only have micro videos been a great source of entertainment for passing time (I’m not even addicted to 7 second videos…. OKAY I AM), but they have given businesses the opportunity to engage with their audience in a more exciting and effective way!

So why you should jump on the Micro Video Content bandwagon?

Videos have a way of capturing and gaining attention unlike text. Not only do they communicate a story more effectively because visually they are more appealing, they are also easier for your audience to consume. Instead of having to read through a post, videos are able to communicate a lot of content in a short amount of time.

Videos also provide a more accurate insight into exposure and engagement. Unlike posts to blogs where you can’t actually tell whether the viewer even read your article, video insights allow you to see how many people watched your video, how long into it they watched, did they follow up your call-to-action and more. These insights are invaluable because they can tell you what is working in your strategy and what you could improve on.

So get recording!

There are a number of different ways that you can create videos.

If you have the money to do so, using a video production company is great when you want that top quality, professional look and feel. For example our introduction video on the Flux Digital website was done by Ultimate Visuals.

There are also plenty of DIY resources and tools that you can use to create videos yourself.

Check out the Wistia blog that features great tips and tricks for the average person to create awesome video content.

And don’t forget the power of your smartphone – they are basically a camera and computer rolled into one! You can record short videos on your phone and edit them using video editing apps. Or alternatively, create micro videos using Instagram or Snapchat and share with your followers. It really can be that simple, and effective!

Have a look at how these businesses are using micro videos on their social media!

Bean There Done That Espresso Bar – Facebook 

Bean There Done That Espresso Bar

A great local business taking on the trend! Have a look at their short and sweet videos on Facebook showing their awesome barista skills and quirky day-to day cafe scenes. (Warning: You will be craving one of their delightful coffees in under 20 seconds!)

Jet Pilot – Instagram

Jet Pilot

Another great example of a brand using micro video content is Jet Pilot. The clothing and watersports brand use short clips to show behind the scenes clips of the brand and products in action!

National Geographic – Snapchat

National GeographicIf you haven’t already checked out the new discover feature on Snapchat, then we highly recommend. National Geographic have partnered with the app to reach new audiences with their visual content. So not only do they have awesome images, but their short and exciting videos can easily be consumed by users wherever they are at whatever time.

Now we are not saying you have to be partnered with Snapchat to be able to use its video marketing potential. What you can do is create a username, share it on your social media profiles so that your followers know how to add you, and then start sharing with them awesome behind the scenes shots and videos. It’s a great way for them to feel a deeper connection to your brand because in a way you are humanising your businesses.

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