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Setting up multiple users in Google Chrome

By March 31, 2015 No Comments

Are there different members of your family that all use the same computer? Do you manage multiple social media accounts and online programs? Have you ever accidentally posted a tweet to your business account that was actually meant for your personal one?

If you answered yes to any of the above then don’t we have a treat for you.

Did you know that with Google Chrome you can create multiple user profiles that save login details, bookmarks, history and more across multiple accounts, all in the same browser?!

Oh yes… you read that right. And it’s a godsend.

So why is this so awesome?

With so many different logins, there is a chance for much confusion!

By creating multiple users, each user window will be treated as a different session, meaning that whatever you are doing or working on will be remembered specifically for that user.

For example, at home there are 5 people to 1 computer. It’s the end of the day, you’re ready to have a ‘lil scroll (or stalk… don’t worry, no judgement here!) through your Facebook. But hang on, what are all these silly selfies and videos? This isn’t right. That’s because it’s not. It’s your 16 year old daughter’s Facebook profile… whoops!

So instead of each family member having to log in and log out of their social media profiles, each one can have their own user that will keep you logged in as you.


It’s also super damn handy if you are a business that manages multiple clients. Each one can have their own user with their login and account details saved and ready, making it super easy to switch between client projects.

We are OBSESSED with Google Chrome Multiple Users

If you’re not already sold on the awesomeness that is Google Chrome (but let’s be honest… you probably are), then here are some of the best features that we personally love about it:

  • Nothing gets shared between user windows! Whatever you are logged in to, your browsing history, saved tabs, bookmarks etc. is remembered to only your user account.
  • Bookmarking is so much easier and organised! Instead of everyone saving a whole bunch of different things in the one browser window, each user can keep tabs of their own.
  • Each time you switch to another user you can automatically open the last tabs you were using. This makes it super handy if you can’t remember what it was you were working on throughout your different user accounts.
  • Chrome Web Store – browse the awesome collection of Chrome apps, ranging from games and entertainment to productivity and utilities. It’s like shopping, for free!
  • I know it’s already been mentioned, but seriously, the fact that all your different logins for multiple social media profiles, online programs and accounts can be remembered separately for each user… now that’s seriously effin’ awesome.

Setting up Multiple Users in Google Chrome

Let’s get this bad boy up and running!

1. If you haven’t already got Chrome on your computer, download it HERE.

2. Open Google Chrome browser window. Open the Chrome menu, located at the top right corner of the window, and select Settings.


3. Scroll down to the section labelled Users or People (differs depending on what operating system is used) and select Add New User/Add Person.


4. Choose a picture icon and add a name for that user.

5. Presto! A new window will pop up with your new user account.

Repeat the process to create multiple users.

To see which user is being used:

For those who haven’t updated their operating system to the latest version, take your eyes to the top left of your window.

If you have updated your operating system, go to the top right of your window.

To select/switch users:

Go to the main Chrome menu at the very top of your window, hit the drop down People and select desired user.

Alternatively, if you have the latest version of your operating system, go to where it shows the user of that session. Click on it and select Switch Person to change users.