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Questions to Ask in order to Grow your Business

By January 18, 2016 No Comments

If you want to grow your brand and business successfully ask yourself these 50 questions!

You might be familiar with the situation, you’re a small business and you are looking for ways to grow your business and brand. You might already have an online business or currently just a bricks + mortar store and you want to know how to generate more business or increase leads.

  • Where do you start?
  • Who do you turn to?
  • And how can you avoid being ripped off in the process?

We wanted to give you some insight into how to grow a business in this heavily digital orientated marketplace.

Businesses need to think outside the box now days, old marketing activities still have a place in an overall marketing plan, however, you need to include digital marketing activities, along with taking a good look at your website to make sure it is converting highly and is optimised for Search Engines and Mobile.

Out of the millions of Small Businesses in Australia (of which 80% have less than 20 employees), 50% of these businesses do not have a website or online presence! This is a scary statistic because it means that half of all small businesses in Australia have not thought about digital marketing and probably don’t know where to start.

We decided to put together this list of 50 questions a business or brand should ask themselves in relation to successful marketing as a starting point to get you thinking and to understand the complexities involved in growing your business. If you want to know more or fancy talking more in-depth, please contact us for a chat.

  1. Awesome Product or Service to Promote

  • Do you believe in what you are offering
  • Have you researched the need in the marketplace
  • What are your goals & plan for the business
  • Do you know what your customer lifecycle is
  • Are you presented in a professional & relevant way
  1. Branding & Customer Service

  • What is your branding message
  • Do you have a customer service policy & guidelines
  • Are you consistent with your persona & messages
  • Is your collateral professional & ‘on brand’
  • Do you create ‘raving fans’ through your communication
  1. Social Media Marketing

  • Are your SM profiles optimised on the right platforms
  • Is the graphics & message ‘on brand’
  • Does your persona come through consistently
  • Are you leveraging SM engagement rules to get more interaction
  • Do you know what is working & what is not
  1. SEO and Website Conversion Factors

  • Have you done your Keyword research
  • Do you know what your competitors are doing
  • Is your website optimised for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Do you know what factors enhance conversions on your website
  • Are you testing what gives you the best conversions
  1. Content Marketing

  • Do you have a Content Marketing Plan
  • What content works best for your industry
  • Do you have the resources to create ‘epic’ content
  • Are you aware of the SEO factors relating to content production
  • Where should your content be distributed to for maximum exposure
  1. Email Marketing

  • Are you collecting emails for a ‘mega’ database
  • What is your email marketing plan
  • Have you brainstormed the kind of content your database wants
  • Are there subscription incentives in place to encourage sign ups
  • Do you know what is working and what is not
  1. Networking & Joint Ventures

  • Do people know who you are in your industry
  • How often do you connect & engage with influencers
  • Have you brainstormed JV ideas regarding your brand
  • Do you have the resources to create ‘epic’ JV content
  • How do you leverage these activities to generate business
  1. Speaking & Events

  • Can you share your message via speaking engagements
  • Do you have a plan to make people aware that you are available
  • Have you brainstormed opportunities in your industry
  • Do you have the skills & resources to coordinate events
  • Are you leveraging these opportunities to generate business
  1. Loyalty Programs & Referrals

  • Do your clients refer others to you & why
  • What is your plan to create loyal & ‘raving fans’
  • Is there a loyalty program or incentive in place to encourage referrals
  • Have you surveyed your clients to find out what would make a difference to them referring you
  • Are you leveraging your network to generate business
  1. Media Opportunities

  • What story do you have to get the media interested in you
  • Have you researched what the media shares in your industry
  • Are you actively promoting new stories in the right places
  • Have you brainstormed influencers you want to connect with
  • Do you have the resources to create ‘kick arse’ Press Articles

I think you will agree that this list of the top 50 questions you should ask yourself if you want to grow your brand successfully, is comprehensive and most likely very overwhelming.

We are not suggesting you tackle it all at once, just start by understanding the different aspects of marketing and then choose the couple of areas that are most relevant to your business, then you can enlist the help of experts to implement these strategies. It is far to overwhelming to try and do this all yourself, and it is more than likely that you don’t have the skills to make it happen anyway. So just focus on these aspects, in the order above and talk to us or your local marketing expert to help you out 🙂