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How to register a Domain Name

By August 29, 2016 No Comments

One of the first steps in creating an online presence and getting a website set up is to register a domain name. The process of registering your domain name is quite simple however there are a few decisions you’ll need to make before hand. We’ve listed them below and recommend you do these things before you actually go ahead and register your domain.

1. Think about what ‘dot’ extension you may want

Are you an Australian company that definitely wants to have a ‘ or a’ or perhaps you want to have an international feel to your domain so you may want a ‘.com or a .co’. The domain registration companies have opened up a vast choice of domain extensions now and you can get anything you can pretty much think of.

There are things like: .rocks .courses .sydney .online .store .live .promo .coach. business .agency ….. so if you can be as unique and playful as you like now.

NOTE: We recommend Crazy Domains for registering your domain name and if you are after anything other than a .com, this is the place we suggest you go. If you are looking for the non-traditional domains, just click on the ‘Global’ section after you search for your domain name. If you only want a .com then the hosting company we recommend, Hostgator, allows you to register a .com with them, which will save you the step of having to link your domain registration and your host together later on.

TIP: If you want to protect your domain name, we suggest you buy the more popular extensions at the same time and just hold onto them or ‘redirect’ them to your main domain. So for example we have bought even though we actually use as our main domain and we also have for our learning portal

2. Your domain name and business name should match (or be similar).

If you have not already registered your business name, we suggest you check to see if your business name is available first via ASIC prior to purchasing your domain, then register them both as quickly as possible so you don’t get one and miss out on the other if you leave a lot of time between registering your business name and your domain name.

3. Check to see if your IP is available.

Do a quick check to make sure that no one has registered any IP (Intellectual Property) with the name you are thinking of. For example, a business that is a bricks and mortar business (i.e. without a website) may have registered a logo or trademark but not own the domain. It is not worth any sort of future conflict with a business that has gone to the trouble of trademarking an element of their brand.

NOTE: To check the existing trademarks or intellectual property registrations for your potential business name, product or logo, go to the IP Australia site. Select Search for a Trade Mark – ATMOSS link and Enter as Guest.

TIP: If you are not sure how to do all this and want a bit more hand holding, we offer a course on How to Set up a Business in Australia.

If all of these things look good to you then go ahead and register your business name and then go to Crazy Domains (or Hostgator if you just want a .com) to register your domain.

Watch our video lesson below on how to register a domain via Crazy Domains

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