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How to keep your WordPress site secure

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We love WordPress.

We think it is an amazing platform to use and manage, plus it is actually THE main platform we recommend for our clients as it is so user-friendly and you can expand it to cater for so many functions with plugins. (We actually wrote a blog about How to Make a Website, which covers ALL the options you have when creating a website if you are interested in taking a peek)

However, to keep everything running smooth and secure on an ongoing basis in WordPress land … there will be upkeep and maintenance required. If you let WordPress and it’s plugins get out of date, you can run into some serious security issues … and we don’t want that!


We have noticed that WordPress hacking issues seem to be on the rise, so if you have a WordPress website that you are not giving TLC to … be warned that you may be leaving yourself open to security issues. Previously we had a site that was built a few years ago, come back to us as they had been ‘hacked’, someone had got into their site from an out of date and un-secure plugin and the hack took over their google listing and created thousands of fake pages all about cars 🙁

This will not generally happen for new website builds and if you keep your site secure and up to date with regular updates (fortnightly/monthly), which is a service that Flux does not offer. So we seriously recommend you think about who is going to be your website maintenance person that looks after your site and keeps it secure if you have an existing WordPress website that is currently not maintained or you are thinking of creating a website on the WordPress platform.

When we build a stunning new website for a client, we offer 30 days technical support to make sure they are happy and all is running smoothly … and then it is up to the client to maintain their site into the future. If you do not have a technically minded person on your team who can look after the ongoing maintenance of your site, we have listed below a few choices of companies you might consider using, ultimately the choice is yours and something you should not take lightly as it can mean the difference in having a secure and smoothly operating website.

The WP Butler allows you to build a maintenance plan that includes the help and support you need, however, they have recommended plans that start from $41 USD a month that include full weekly backups, daily database backups, weekly malware scans and they update your plugins, themes and core WordPress updates weekly.

WP Lift has maintenance plans as well as plans that include unlimited WordPress jobs which is fabulous if you feel you will be needing to do little tweaks or updates to your site regularly. The starter plan is $49 USD a month and includes WordPress, Theme & Plugin  updates, and daily website backups. The Professional plan for $99 USD per month includes unlimited WordPress Jobs as well.

WP Curve is another company that includes unlimited small 30 minute jobs in their plan. The standard plan is $79 USD a month and you can get them to do anything for the unlimited jobs which would include you requesting them to do the WordPress, Theme and Plugin updates when they come up.

Snug Site offers an economy monthly maintenance service for $55 AUD a month (they are Melbourne based) which includes a hosting plan valued at $11 a month. The economy plan includes daily backups, monthly core WordPress updates and monthly Plugin updates, but does not include theme updates so you would need to make sure this is done yourself or you can pay extra for them to do it for you. If you do choose Snug Site, let them know that Flux recommended you and they will look after you 🙂

Another reason for security issues can be your hosting … security experts WP White Security stated that 41% of WordPress sites were hacked due to a security vulnerability on the host itself (as per the stats in the infographic below)

If you are unsure about your host, talk to your maintenance person and they should be able to advise if you are using a good hosting company.

We recommend HostGator, they are US based and offer great live chat support for the hosting, but not ongoing website support.

* Prices above may change at any time and are for indication purposes only
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safety and security of WordPress blog infographic

This WordPress security infographic was released by WPTemplate. Click here to access the original post.

If you want to delve more into some of the other ways to make your WordPress website secure and get a bit more technical, WPMUDEV wrote a great blog called “12 Ways to Secure Your WordPress Site You’ve Probably Overlooked” read the blog HERE.