Your branding is your face, the image of your brand and how you want people to see and respond to your business. Brand consistency builds trust, recognition and loyalty. It gives your customers confidence in who you are and what you stand for.

When building a new website, creating a branding style board first will make the whole design process a LOT smoother. You don’t have to create anything fancy, just a word document with your chosen brand elements will be a great start.


This video is a snippet from the ‘Creating a Style Board’ video included in the FREE¬†Website Preparation Course.

You can go to Creative Market to purchase templates of style boards.

Your style or brand board should ideally include:

  • Logo in several variations (i.e. rectangle for web, square for social media, small for on top of graphics)
  • Brand colours (make sure to include the HEX colour i.e. #f2f2f2f2
  • Brand font (it’s a good idea to include font sizes for titles, body font etc)
  • Brand icons or signature elements
  • Signature background textures or images
  • Inspiration snippets (optional)


Go to Pinterest and search ‘brand style board’ for inspiration and start to put together your own branding board like the example below. See the colours tutorial for more info on hex colours.