This is blog is intended to be a bit of a guide. When people ask the question ‘how much does a website cost’ it is an impossible question to answer as there are so many different options for creating your website. You can create your own website for under $100 or you can have a completely custom site done for over $15,000. It will be entirely dependent on the time and effort you are willing to put in yourself and the budget you have for the project.

Below will explain the most common choices you have in creating a website and give a bit of a price indication. Use this to work out which option is best suited to your situation.

Here are a few of your website creation choices:

Full DIY Website

To create a website from scratch by yourself is a bit of an undertaking but it can also be very satisfying. Bear in mind it will take a huge amount of time to complete, so this option is perfect for you if:

  • You are low on cash
  • Have heaps of free time
  • You are a technology whiz
  • Have a bit of an eye for design
  • Love to make your own things and learn new skills

The steps and costs involved going to be something like this:

  • Hosting = $10-25 a month (it is cheaper to pay for a year or more up front). We recommend Hostgator.
  • Domain = $15-20 per year (for a you must by 2 years up front). We recommend Crazy Domain.
  • WordPress installation = free
  • You can install this via your hosting cPanel
  • A responsive WordPress theme = $25-150
  • We love: Salient = $59 USD
  • Many plugins are free; i.e. for Google Analytics, SEO, Backup, WooCommerce etc, however, certain functions may require premium plugins that cost money; i.e. memberships, events, customised emails & email integration, forms etc
  • Website backup, maintenance and security service = from $55 a month. We recommend snug site as they are tech experts that will maintain your site and keep it updated and safe to avoid hacking and other issues you will face online.

Other expenses might be graphics, photography or a copywriter for your website depending on how much you want to do yourself or what help you may need to make the site look good once you have covered the technical side.

*For video tutorial on all these steps, you can sign up for our Become a WordPress Whiz program


Hire a bit of help

This one is for people who like the idea of the Full DIY option, but have concerns about the technical aspect or maybe don’t have enough time to set it all up from scratch or perhaps don’t have the budget for a local web designer. By hiring a bit of help, you can outsource the creation of a WordPress website (or any other platform you may like to use) to someone like a contractor or a freelancer. Usually, these people are based overseas so be aware that you may face communication and quality issues if you follow this path. The idea is that you would ‘post’ a job for someone to help you out with specific details of what you want to be done on an outsourcing website, then the potential candidates would send you their proposal, you would check them out, do a skype interview and make your pick on who you want to help you out. This method is perfect for you if:

  • You know exactly what you want but have limited time to do it yourself
  • You don’t have the budget to hire an expert website designer
  • You like the idea of the flexibility of having your own WordPress website but just need a little technical help to set it up
  • You are organized, prepared and are able to guide a foreign contractor\

The 2 outsourcing places we recommend are:

Be aware that if you are paying $10 an hour for someone to do a website, they may not have the skill and design capabilities of a local expert so you cannot expect the same end result. The final cost will depend on the complexity of your website and how many pages it has etc, but could be anywhere between $200-$800.

Website Builders

These are companies/websites that you can sign up for and build your website using their website creation tools. It makes building your own website super easy as they generally have pre-built templates that you can choose from, drag and drop functionality and video tutorials to follow to set up your website. The learning curve is not as high compared to setting up your own website from scratch. However, you are locked into hosting and keeping your website with that platform indefinitely. The other downside is that they are limited to the features and customisations you can do, it is template based after all. Having said that, using a website builder platform is perfect for you if:

  • You are after a simple website without anything too fancy
  • You are happy with the template designs and functionality they offer
  • You want to follow an easy process and have access to support
  • You want someone else to look after the hosting & tech stuff
  • You don’t mind paying a monthly fee to use their service

Here are some of the more popular platforms to consider:

Hire an expert web designer 

This option is obviously the most costly, however, you will end up with a unique, customised website that is created specifically based on your needs and hopefully will look sh*t hot as well. Of course, I am biased as this is what we do for our clients … but I totally realise that it is not for everyone and often the above choices are made instead due to budget constraints.

Below is a guideline based on the Flux Digital website design and development services we offer our clients.

Website Creation Inclusions

  • Pre-website questionnaire to assess your project requirements
  • In-person or Skype kick off consultation
  • Website design mockups in photoshop
  • Domain, hosting & WordPress setup
  • Website pages created
  • If eComm included, 4-6 products created
  • Revisions (1 round included)
  • Plugins installed (Backup, GA & SEO)
  • SEO research & on-page optimisation
  • Email sign up integration
  • Contact page form integration
  • Website testing
  • Client review and approve final website
  • Website GO LIVE
  • Access to the Flux ‘Working with WordPress’ online course for 12 months after launch

Pricing Indications

  • Simple one-page website with 4 sections – from $1400 (Excluding the extras mentioned to above)
  • 4-page website + blog + all inclusions above – from $3600
  • 6-page eComm site + blog + all inclusions above – from $4400

Extra functionality that is not mentioned in our inclusions; like selling Events or Memberships, adding a Portfolio or Gallery, or if you need to migrate from another platform or host, are all additional and will be quoted separately. The above is an indication of the ‘starting from’ price.

*Please read our fine print for full terms and conditions.

If you would like to chat to us about your website creation ideas, please contact us.

We hope this information has helped to get you started on your Website journey.

If you are thinking about or in the process of creating a website and are not sure where to start, I have created a FREE Website Preparation Course specifically for YOU, which will take you through everything from choosing a theme, preparing images, using Photoshop, where to get good stock images, branding, website copy and more. It will mean the difference between a SO SO and a SENSATIONAL website!


Please Note:
* All prices listed in the article may change at any time and are for indication purposes only.
* Some of the links provided are affiliate links and Flux will receive a small commission if you sign up via these links, however, they do not alter the price charged to you.