Introduction: Why you need to get your business online

An effective and user-friendly website is the cornerstone of any business.

It is the workhorse for your social media efforts and any business card you have ever given out. As bricks-and-mortar stores close by the hundreds and more people conduct their work remotely, a website becomes the reception and digital storefront of most industries.

Most small business owners find themselves thinking; “I’ve been in business for 20 years without a website, so why now?”

There are so many great reasons why you should get your business online and do it properly. Most consumers are becoming or already are tech savvy and not having a website could be costing your business in big ways. It is a great way to provide customers with knowledge, a place to buy your product or service and a way to connect in a single place and at the touch of a button.

Discover new ways to connect and engage with your clients through a flexible, professional, and functional website.

Of the roughly 24.5 million people in Australia, almost 14 million are connected to the internet; that’s 56% of the population who will turn to the internet to find out about you and your business.

With a productive website, your clients no longer need to come from your local neighbourhood; you can take advantage of selling your products and service nationwide and even globally. The increase in your business could be astronomical with a well-made and easy to use website designed to make your life easier.

Many business owners will have a go at making their own website and will quickly find the process to be overwhelming; this is understandable, website design businesses like ourselves would be out of a job if it were an easy task to build a great website from the ground up. At Flux Digital, we want to help you build a fantastic website that will grow with you as your business grows.

Taking time to plan and prepare for your new website and think about your perfect developer will not only save time but will save money and headaches down the track.

Flux Digital will help you take your business into the digital sphere or give your tired website a refresh that will engage with your clients.

We will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to make sure you have a website that does the hard yards for you. We’ll take the stress out of your online marketing and make sure you show up with authority and expertise.

In this three-part blog series, we will take you through a step-by-step guide on how to plan and prepare for the leap into cyber-space.


Keep your eyes peeled for part 1 of the series – Things to consider before you start your website build –  which will ask you to consider what you need from your new website.