Flux T&Cs

There are always terms and conditions or “Fine Print” with digital services and we find it really helps for us to establish expectations and guidelines as to how the Flux Digital services are actually going to work before starting your project.

It sounds fabulous on paper, however, there is some time and effort required by the client and Flux prior to us going ahead with any of the services to make sure we are on the same page moving forward.

Here is a list of our Fine Print …. so please read carefully.

By agreeing to a quote presented to you and paying for Flux Digital services, you are are accepting these terms and conditions as part of the agreement.

General Website Package Conditions:

The Flux Digital website packages where Flux is updating the copy and images are based on ALL copy, images, graphics and content being supplied by the client in advance.
Website creation cannot start until the package request form is completed with the domain and hosting login details included, along with your selection of the theme and template you would like to use.
If Flux is updating your website this would not start until all content and information has been supplied.
The website packages are based on choosing one of the existing demo theme templates, no deviation from the template are included in the package prices, customisations would be additional.
If you wish to include layout changes or perhaps you would like to have your own unique template created, this can be done by choosing the appropriate customisation add-on, or you can request a completely custom quote based on your individual needs.
Any requests or amendments that are not part of the original quote will be charged at $80 an hour.

General Website Timelines:

For a DIY + Tech Help package, once the package request form is completed, the proposed timeline is usually 1 week to hand over the website, looking like the template, ready for you to start updating it.
For a Done For You package, if all content and information is provided by the client in a timely manner, and the proposed timeline is adhered to, we estimate a 4-page website would take approx 2 weeks and if you choose an add-on for eComm, template customisations, a migration or if your site has more than 4 pages, it could take approx 3-4 weeks to complete.
The estimated project timeline for tasks to be completed by Flux and by the client will be outlined in the individual proposals.
Timeframes of the website build phase to the ‘go live’ date, cannot be guaranteed as many 3rd party and unforeseen delays are involved (client content, graphics, hosting, domain, migration etc), any delays will be discussed with the client if they occur.
Any delay in clients providing content, images, graphic design, feedback or final sign-offs will delay the go-live date.

Specific Website Template Package Inclusions:

DIY Courses
By purchasing any of the Flux Digital Courses, you are embarking on a DIY journey that does not include any support or other inclusions. We are of course here to help with any issues to do with the course, like videos not playing etc. And we are happy to take suggestions on any lessons you feel that are missing and that would help you. However, there is no personal consulting or support involved. If you require any one on one training, it can be purchased at our rate of $80 an hour.

DIY + Tech Help Package
This package DOES NOT include any website theme customisations or support of the website AT ALL. We look after the technical side for you by creating the website to look exactly like your chosen template, it is then up to you to update and DIY the website the way you want using the relevant course tutorials. If you require any advice, customisations or support you can purchase hours from Flux at our rate of $80 an hour.

Done For You Package
This product includes Flux updating 4 pages of images and the copy of your chosen website template with your own images and copy (all copy and images to be supplied by the client in advance). If one of the 4 pages is a blog page, we will load 2 blog posts for you. This product DOES NOT include any extra customisations that are not part of the template chosen or additional pages being set up. If you require any specific customisations, extra pages, extra features, advice or support you can purchase hours from Flux at our rate of $80 an hour.

Website Package Add-Ons
Please view the individual add-ons on the website packages page to see the inclusions that are part each extra option.

Overall Terms & Conditions for Template Packages where Flux is Updating Copy
If Flux is updating copy & images, these packages are based on all copy and images being supplied by the client.
The amount of website copy provided must match the chosen template theme copy sections as there are NO deviations from the theme allowed with the website template packages (customisations can be included with add-ons).
The client is to provide the exact copy in a word document.
Any requests to change the copy after the template copy has been replaced by Flux will need be made by the client after the website is handed over, using the relevant course tutorials.
The client images that will replace the theme template images must be provided in the right sizes and already be optimised for web, we will provide you with the specifications of the images you need to provide.
Website template updating would not start until all copy and images has been supplied by the client.
Any delay in clients providing logins, copy and images will delay the hand-over of the website.
Additional website development customisation can be added via the add-ons or for an additional hourly rate of $80 an hour.

Website Support:
Every Flux Digital website package comes with a 30-day support period, where we will assist you with any technical issues with the website for 30 days after your site goes live. The support program is designed to help you with any issues involving the website theme, layout or functionality. During this period, if there are any issues to do with your hosting or domain company, we are not able to include support for this and you should discuss these issues directly with your hosting or domain provider. As per the conditions for hosting mentioned below, we are happy to help you by liaising with your website hosting company and even involve our own developer if need be, however, this would be at the hourly rate of $80 an hour.
Please note that we do not provide technical support on an ongoing basis.
After the Flux Digital 30 days of support, we recommend you assign a dedicated support and maintenance person to your website so it is kept up to date and secure.
See the below website maintenance section for recommendations.

Website Maintenance:
One big question to ask yourself prior to choosing to build a WordPress Website is “who is going to look after your website technically, on an ongoing basis”. As mentioned above, Flux will provide 30 days support once the site goes live to make sure you are happy and nothing goes wrong in the initial launch phase. However, we do not provide maintenance after this period.
WordPress is a fabulous platform that is easy to use and is actually the only platform we recommend, however, for it to stay secure and continue to function properly, you will need to make sure the WordPress platform and all the plugins used are maintained and kept up to date on a regular basis.
For example, a previous client came back to us as they had been ‘hacked’, someone had gotten into their site from an out of date and un-secure plugin and the hack took over their google listing and created thousands of fake pages all about cars … not good news when your website represents your business.
This will not generally happen if you keep your site secure and up to date on a monthly basis. As part of your website package, you will receive access to our WordPress Course which does have lessons on updating WordPress, your Theme, and your plugins. However, we highly recommend finding a technical person to assist you with these things.
We have written a blog that covers a few suggestions for ongoing maintenance plans that can sign up for that will look after your updates on a monthly basis so you can have peace of mind that your site is secure.

Website Hosting:
We recommend Host Gator hosting. Watch our Hostgator video tutorial here.
Please note, if you have an existing website where you have a domain email attached to it, and you decide to change hosting companies, you will need to discuss with them the process involved in migrating your email, Flux does not facilitate or assist with email migration.
If you choose to go with your own hosting company we cannot guarantee the speed, service, downtime or many other elements of the website that are reliant on good hosting. If any issues occur that are to do with any hosting company (even if you decide to go with our recommendation of Hostgator), Flux Digital cannot be held responsible and even though we are happy to help and liaise with the hosting company and even get our own development team involved if need be, any time spent on hosting issues will be charged at the hourly rate of $80 an hour.

Consulting, Training & Workshops:
Any consulting, training or workshops bookings will be confirmed in advance, any changes to the dates booked need to be advised 48 hours prior.
We will provide a preparation checklist of what you will need to have ready for the day.
The consulting, training or workshop cannot commence until all information is provided as requested.
Please note we reserve the right to postpone your booking if you fail to provide the required information.
We will ask you to pay for the estimated time in advance as per the invoice provided, any additional time over and above the original estimate will be charged after the session at the hourly rate of $80 an hour.
If you would like face to face training and you are outside the local Sunshine Coast region, (Flux services areas that are within a 30 km radius of Rosemount 4560), we can include travel time of $80 an hour to your proposal for those within 100 km of this area.
For people that are completely outside the area we service, we are happy to offer you skype training and we find this works well for remote areas or for people based anywhere in the world!

Hours Based Projects:
If your website project quote has been customised or if you have been quoted an hours based package, we will do our utmost to stick to the hours we have estimated in your individual proposal for the tasks listed. However, there are always unforeseen circumstances that may occur which will blow out the hours estimate, things like hosting issues, domain issues, themes, plugins or other technical issues that we cannot anticipate when quoting. If this occurs we will advise you immediately and let you know how this will effect our original estimate of time. Additional hours can be purchased for $80 an hour. Discounts are available for ongoing hourly requirements.

Invoice and Payment Terms:

Proposals are valid for 30 days and are based on the information provided to Flux Digital at the time of the quotation
Any additional inclusions, details or requests made after the proposal process will result in a change to the quote.
If you wish to go ahead with a website package, the full amount will be invoiced prior and needs to be paid prior to commencement.
For projects based on an hourly rate such as blocks of time or consulting, training and workshops, the full amount will be required prior any work commencing.
Please speak to us if you would like to discuss a payment plan.